Podcast #15: The Learner’s Voice

  • Play:
  • Song Name: The Learner's Voice
  • Artist: Craig Taylor
  • Album: Tayloring it

If you’ve not already read my previous blog posts ‘Getting Beyond Bullet Points (visuals only)’, ‘Getting Beyond Bullet Points (with audio) and Bringing in the BackChannel then I’d strongly suggest having a read of them before you read any more of this post.


Well for 2 reasons really:

1. The earlier posts will provide you with the context behind this post.

2. The purpose of this specific post is to provide a brief audio summary of the actions that the attendees committed to, on leaving my session. By viewing the earlier posts in this series there is more likelihood that the attendees actions will make sense.

I have to admit that I wouldn’t usually take this approach for providing visibility of the attendees actions, much preferring to have the attendees create an AudioBoo or tweet their actions and then produce a Wordle from those responses, however the large number of attendees (60+) precluded the use of AudioBoo and the small number of tweeps would have had very little impact on a Wordle. What I was/am trying to show to presenters is how their presentation can still resonate days, if not weeks or even months after the live event by using methods such as this to keep the original message alive in the minds of those who attended and if you used a backchannel, perhaps even in the minds of those who did not physically attend.

Anyway, here’s the recording.