Podcast #1: Action Mapping

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  • Song Name: Podcast #1 Action Mapping
  • Artist: Craig Taylor
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  • Year: 2010

In this, my first podcast, I am joined by a small number of my organisations elearning authors, Steven Mahay, Geoff Owens, Andrew Pilkington & Chris Hyndman to discuss an Action Mapping session that I had just facilitated. The purpose of the conversation was to further promote the thinking that elearning is not just the traditional 'click-next' type of elearning that many of us are used to and that podcasting is a relatively simple (and far quicker way of producing a learning resource) whilst also providing a period of reflection for the attendees themselves.

The podcast was also a great learning curve for me as I had failed to set my Samson GoMic as the default recording device so I was reliant on the internal laptop speaker, hence the poor quality.... but I've learned my lesson and hope that you will join me in my next podcast in which I will have resolved my 'teething problems'