Podcast #4: I wanna tell you a story(board)

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  • Song Name: I wanna tell you a story...(board)
  • Artist: Craig Taylor
  • Album: Tayloring it
  • Year: 2011

Waaaaay back in the mists of time that was Learning Technologies 2010, I attended a workshop on the subject of storyboarding facilitated by @juliewedgwood.

This session came a little late in my ID career as I had spent the previous 6 months putting together rapid elearning module with NO storyboard process – oh well, better late than never!

I recently asked Julie to facilitate that session again with a number of my colleagues which culminated in them producing a podcast to reflect upon the session’s content and what they were going to do with it. Apologies for the sound quality in parts of this podcast, I was using a portable Zoom recorder for the very first time and should have practiced with it beforehand (as you’ll hear)